Home, Business, and Personal Blessings

Conditions often ripen in our homes or businesses and communities that call for powerful rituals to eliminate their effects. The monks can do rituals to transform negative conditions into positive conditions, such as eliminating negative forces, increasing positive forces, long life, healing, protection, transformation of forces in the environment, and more. These need to be discussed personally with the monks so they can decide the appropriate rituals.

Home, Land and Business Blessings involve two or three monks, including one spiritual master, going to the house or place of business. They talk to the owners and assess the issues of the space and then do the appropriate rituals. These take about two hours. The cost is a minimum suggested donation of $350 for a house blessing and $350-$500 for a business blessing.

Personal Blessings, Empowerments, Divinations and Spiritual Consultations are private meetings with one of the spiritual masters on the tour. A variety of things can happen in a consultation, including a healing, empowerment, or initiation. You can request a specific deity empowerment or healing, or consult with the monk who will address your specific concerns and offer the appropriate ritual or healing. Cost for consultations run $75 for thirty minutes and $125 for an hour.

The monks will be available for private consultations and Home and Business Blessings wherever they are appearing on tour throughout the US.