Lecture Topics

Each lecture is given by a spiritual master and can last between ninety minutes and two hours, including a question and answer session. One of the monks (or a tour organizer) will introduce the Lama and his interpreter, give the details of the Monastery, and offer a brief description of the beliefs of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism. It is asked that a couple of chairs and some water or tea be provided for the monks.

Lecture Topics Include

  • Cultivating Compassion
  • World Peace and the Unity of all Religions
  • Death, Bardo, and Rebirth: A lecture on the Three Stages of Life
  • Tantra Vehicle: The esoteric path of Mahayana Buddhism that accelerates the evolutionary path to Buddhahood
  • The Four Noble Truths (The Teaching of Buddha): Suffering, the Causes of Suffering, the End of Suffering, and the Path to Freedom
  • Lam Rim: Review of the Graduated Path with a focus on Renunciation, Bodhicitta (altruistic motivation), and Emptiness
  • Other subjects (Refuge, Guru Devotion, etc.) are available by request
  • CompassionTour